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A1 – Basic expressions, introductions, and personal details.

A2 – Simple sentences, routine tasks, and common topics.

B1 – Clear input, personal interests, and familiar situations.

B2 – Complex topics, fluency with native speakers, and technical discussions.

C1 – Demanding texts, effective communication, and social, academic, and professional purposes.

C2 – Virtually everything, precise expression, and nuanced meaning.

What is your current Spanish proficiency level?

European Spanish – España

North America – Mexico

Caribbean – Cuba, República Dominicana, Puerto Rico

Central america – Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá

South America – Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia

Southern Cone – Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay

What accent would you like to learn?

🚲 I prefer a relaxed learning environment.

🚗 Normal classes work for me.

🚀 I am willing to work as hard as necessary to reach my goals.

🤙 I don’t care, I’m flexible.

What is your preferred pace of learning?

📈 A teacher specialized in structured tests like DELE, SIELE, IB, to assess Spanish proficiency

🧩 A teacher specialized in the sounds and accents of Spanish

💬 A teacher specialized in speaking and listening skills to communicate effectively in Spanish.

📚 A teacher specialized in the rules and structures of Spanish language.

📝 A teacher specialized in developing writing skills to express ideas clearly and coherently in Spanish.

What aspect of learning Spanish do you prefer to focus on the most

Weekdays – You prefer to have classes from Monday to Friday

Weekends – You prefer to have classes on Saturdays or Sundays

Flexible – You can adapt your class schedule to the teacher’s availability

Rigid – The teacher has to adapt their schedule to the specific times and dates that you are available.

Not sure – You are not sure about my availability for lessons yet

What is your availability for lessons?

🥘 I’m interested in learning about Spanish culture in addition to language

🚫 I’m solely interested in learning the Spanish language

✳️ I’m open to learning about Spanish culture, but not essential

Are you interested in learning about Spanish culture as well as the language?

Each teacher has different prices for different class types and durations.

This quiz uses a complex algorithm to calculate an average price for a 60-min class.

Actual prices may vary.

What is your budget for Spanish instruction?

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